Welcome to Handan Jinggong construction anchor Manufacturing Co., Ltd! Hotline:+86-400-021-5595
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                                    JINGGONG PRODUCT

                                    Can provide free sample service for customers
                                    • Wedge Anchors
                                    • Chemical anchor bolt
                                    • Casing gecko
                                    • Three, four geckos
                                    • Stainless steel series
                                    • Expansion series
                                    • Mechanical anchor bolt
                                    • Internal,external force
                                    • kirsite
                                    • Odontoids
                                    • Nuts and bolts
                                    • Seismic category
                                    • Cement bolt

                                    Fastener industryFour pain points

                                    If these problems are not solved, the whole product will lose
                                    Overcome the pain points, Seiko quality interpretation of glory,
                                    to provide you with more convenient service
                                    How to choose low cost and high quality fasteners

                                    JINGGONG FOR YOU - SOLVE

                                    JINGGONG BUILDING ANCHORAGE

                                    High tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production, sales and service
                                    Handan Jinggong construction anchoring Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a group company integrating expansion bolt series, chemical anchor bolt series, steel structure large hexagon series, double-edged drilling tail wire series and anti-seismic support series. It has independent research and development, installation, production, design, testing equipment and talents. The company adheres to the "Seiko...
                                    • 500000

                                      Area covered

                                    • 1997

                                      Established in

                                    • 100000

                                      Monthly production

                                    • 800

                                      Number employees

                                    Twenty years of focus
                                    Handan Jinggong construction anchorage Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, production, sales and service of building anchor parts.
                                    There are many kinds of products
                                    Handan Jinggong construction anchorage Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1997.
                                    Professional team
                                    Our company relies on strong strength, modern management, perfect after-sales service system, abides by the enterprise spirit of "seeking truth and innovation, relying on science and technology, continuous development", and in line with the principle of sincere service for customers, I believe that "Tianhou" will become your best friend, because our business philosophy is sincere service. "Tianhou" will follow the pace of the industrialization of the Chinese nation and work hand in hand with colleagues from all walks of life to create brilliant achievements!

                                    Customized anchorageService process

                                    "Tianhou" will follow the pace of industrialization of the Chinese nation, and work together with colleagues from all walks of life to jointly develop and create brilliant achievements.

                                    Jinggong Anchorage

                                    We strictly control the whole process, strictly control the quality, and provide reliable products for customers.

                                    Service hotline:

                                    +86 400-021-5595
                                    • Plant equipment
                                    • Honors
                                    • Plant equ...
                                    • Plant equ...
                                    • Plant equ...
                                    • Plant equ...
                                    • Excellent...
                                    • Permit to...
                                    • Business ...
                                    • Quality m...


                                     PROBlEM- MORE -
                                    How to evaluate the quality of hig...
                                    1. Tensile test of bolt: when the test tension reaches the tensile load specified in GB / t3098.1, it shall not be brok...
                                    How to use chemical anchor bolt to...
                                    1. Tensile test of bolt: when the test tension reaches the tensile load specified in GB / t3098.1, it shall not be brok...
                                    How to evaluate the quality of hig...
                                    1. Tensile test of bolt: when the test tension reaches the tensile load specified in GB / t3098.1, it shall not be brok...
                                    How to use chemical anchor bolt to...
                                    When cracks appear in many places of concrete structure buildings, no matter whether the cracks are serious or not, as ...
                                    How to occupy the market of hafen ...
                                    Now the main products include car repair gecko, wood screw, internal force gecko, chemical anchor bolt. The factory cov...

                                    COMPANY PROFILE

                                    Wedge Anchors
                                    Chemical anchor bolt
                                    Casing gecko
                                    Three, four geckos
                                    Stainless steel series
                                    Expansion series
                                    Contact us

                                    Address: Southwest Industrial Park, Yongnian District, Handan City, Hebei Province
                                    Contact: manager Yang
                                    Product supply department: +86-400-021-5595
                                    Tel: +86-0310-5139000
                                    Mobile: +86 15511037000
                                    Email: hdjinggong@aliyun.com
                                    Scan, visit mobile phone station

                                    Scan, visit mobile phone station

                                    Scan and add wechat communication

                                    Scan and add wechat communication

                                    Copyright ? 2020 Handan Jinggong construction anchorage Manufacturing Co., Ltd All rights reserved.  
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